Customization by Market
Confectionary & Dry Foods

Candies, chocolates, flour mixes, granolas, and other confectionary and dry products demand good resistance of heat and moisture to keep products in perfect shape and taste. There are different materials that fit various requirements in terms of shelf life and other needs. TricorBraun Flex offers packages from low barrier property to high barrier property. We have extremely high oxygen and moisture barrier foil laminated bag / rollstock that protects products from being damaged by UV ray. We also have spice grade material that is specialized for products with strong odor and contain irritating spices.

While confectionaries are consumed at a faster pace comparing to other food product, they are usually produced and packed by automatic packaging machine and rollstock film. Because a big portion of snack products involve the process of baking and frying, the packaging needs to be qualified for oil-resistance. In order to prolong shelf life, many snacks are packaged in nitrogen gas flushed packages which require 100% leak free materials. TricorBraun Flex has successful experiences working with snacks manufacturers and co-packers; we understand your needs and requirements to create perfect package for your premium snacks.

To successfully compete with numbers of brands on the shelf, the appearance comes first. From illustrations to real pictures, TricorBraun Flex’s printing quality will bring your products up to a higher level. Our rotogravure printing method and matte-varnish finish treatment help creating a unique look for your products. When rollstock films are more widely used in the industry, not only the films itself has to be good-qualified, running on the machine smoothly is another important part. From pre-order test to finished film, TricorBraun Flex controls and prevents all the possibilities that might cause potential problems. From small sachets packed by machine with rollstock film to large bulk packs with bottom stand-up gusset and zipper, TricorBraun Flex will help you find the right package.