Customization by Market
Pet Products

Brand identity is always the key strategy for pet food industry. Not only the product itself but also the expressive look of the package is a key factor that affects the decisions made by pet lovers. When paper bag and paperboard carton predominate the packaging in the market, flexible packages become a good alternative. A good package should be able to protect, sell, and enhance the value of the products inside, and it’s the reason that flexible packaging is getting more and more popular in the market. Our high quality printed flexible pouches are eye-catching and provide better shelf impacts for branding. TricorBraun Flex also offers paper laminated bag which has the same look and feeling as paper bag but also provides barrier at the same time.

Beyond brand identity, one more important key to attract consumers is the convenience and ease of consuming the products. Re-closable option, ease to open and dispose, ability to keep products fresh, and stand-up feature are some of the advantages of flexible packaging over the traditional ones. TricorBraun Flex understand your customer needs exactly, we are experienced to provide pet package that our customers are barking for it.