Customization by Market

Rigid jars and bottles are no longer the only way to pack beverages; drink-in-pouch is the revolution in beverage industry that could have huge impact on the market and the environment where we live. Liquid in pouch is very popular and is everywhere now. Flexible pouch has huge beverage potential, which gives added functionality, reduces cost, and achieves sustainability. It can be used for packing water, juices, energy drinks, and even liquor. The study shows that pouches weigh much less and saves a lot of storage space and energy during transportation, production and packing, and even after consumer dispose it.

Beyond the advantage in function, the printing capability on the pouches is also much more flexible than on bottles or tins. Pouch has bigger area for printing attractive images as well as nutritional information as required by FDA and CFIA. Compare to cylinder shape tins and bottles, flexible pouches also provide larger viewing areas and are proved to be more eye-catching while displaying on shelves according to viewing patterns. Packing beverages in flexible pouches also provides less carbon footprint and is more environmental friendly compare to old fashioned bottles.

TricorBraun Flex provides extensive range of flexible packaging solutions for beverages, from small portable pack to large refill pack, offering a variety of re-closable pouring spouts and caps that allow for spill control and make beverage products more convenient for customers to carry and to pour. With re-closable fitment, consumers are able to store the package easily without spilling out the drinks. With over 10 years serving beverage industries, TricorBraun Flex will help your beverage products stand out from the rest.