Customization by Market
Retort Food

While metal can is still the conventional package used to package pre-cooked and retort soup, meals, and sauces, flexible packaging is considered to be a good substitute. Flexible retort pouch provides same conveniences as cans; in addition, flexible package has great advantages in saving cost and energy. Its property of portability and light weight significantly reduces the storage space, truckload, transportation cost, and labor work. The flexible retort pouch produces 5% less carbon footprint and is much easier for disposal after being used compare to cans.

With either clear or foil materials, TricorBraun Flex’s retortable materials enable the package to work with the sterilization process (canning process) up to 140°C. The retort package can be viewed as a "soft can", and it really brings the new evolution for low acid foods. Not only better in terms of function, printing on the plastic material provides vivid image and therefore better present the product. TricorBraun Flex provides retort pouches that can extend shelf life, protect aroma, and with customization options. You need your product keep in fresh, you want it to be eye-catching, TricorBraun Flex can help you to enhance all your values.

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