Customization by Market
Non-Food Products & Others

Not only food products, any retail ready products require packaging. For years, we have helped a variety of customers create the wrapping film of non-food products from artwork design, material suggestion, to packing machinery selection. Many non-food products contain chemical, and are sensitive to a safe and high barrier environment, such as fertilizer and cosmetic. TricorBraun Flex has developed extensive know-how in barrier technologies for carrying these products; our multi-layer laminated packaging materials provide product protection, odor containment, water vapor and oxygen barrier that make sure the products can be delivered to consumers safely without any damage.

Seeds and fertilizer are sensitive to sun and moisture. TricorBraun Flex integrates the latest technologies into printing and lamination processes. We provide packages that can be exposed under critical weather conditions from -30? to 40? without cracking or delaminating. Any natural or artificial material that contains at least 5% of one or more of the three primary nutrients - nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), or potassium (K) - can be considered as a fertilizer. With years of experiences in this industry, TricorBraun Flex delivers packaging materials that protect the products, increase shelf life, prevent natural chemical reactions of the products, and prevent odor contamination.

Cosmetic is a unique and one of the fastest growing markets. Single usage stick packs and sachet packs are the most popular styles of package that have been used in the industry for sampling. If you are launching new products and would like to hand out testing samples to consumers, TricorBraun Flex is able to provide sharp and high impact printing to distinguish the brands. We understand that cosmetic products require extremely strong aroma barrier, and we are able to come up with most innovative and cost efficient material structures that can protect the aroma from penetrating through the package or breaking the package by having reactions with the sealant materials. TricorBraun Flex also works with various contract packagers across North America able to co-package your products in different styles with flexible quantities.

Most chemical and cleaning products, such as detergent, fabric softener, odor neutralizer, degreaser, and stain removal product are packaged in glass or plastic bottles. However, Evolving with strong demands in sustainability and eco-friendly in distributing products to stores and inventorying the products, TricorBraun Flex encourages customers to go with flexible pouches such as spout pouches and stand-up pouches with die-cut pouring funnel for easy dispense. Our stand-up spout pouches provide both re-closing and dispensing features for the products, and have strong protection against UV light, oxygen, and moisture.

Electronic devices are sensitive to a static safe environment, in which ESD (Electro Static Discharge) shielding / anti-static pouches and rollstocks can provide. TricorBraun Flex are able to provide 4-layer laminated transparent metalized static shield pouches as well as 40~80% light transparency metalized static shield pouches. Our static shield pouches are also available with static dissipative zip-lock. In addition, TricorBraun Flex is also specialized in punture resistant barrier bags designed for ink cartridges and toners. We are the qualified packaging material supplier for recognized ink cartridge brands; our products have passed all necessary tests performed by third party labs such as drop testing, punch resistant testing, and heat resistant testing.