Customization by Market
Coffee & Tea

In coffee and tea industry, package is the key factor that distinguishes great beans and tea from poor ones. Not only stand out visually, a good package also ensures fresh products and longer shelf life. Compared with other types of food products, coffee and tea require high moisture and oxygen barrier to prevent products go bad and lose its great smell. When it comes to coffee, the beans produce gas that needs to be released from the package.

For fresh coffee beans, TricorBraun Flex is pleased to introduce our eco-friendly paper laminated bags with one-way valve. One-way valve is the perfect element to be added on the bag allowing air produced inside of the bag to go out while preventing air outside to get into the bag. Our in-house valving service offers flexibility of valving position to better work with your design, and it’s even workable for the stock bags. Tin-tie and re-sealable tape give you different options for the consumer to re-close the bag after purchasing.

Today, as the number of coffee and tea products boost rapidly, it is even more critical to catch customers’ eyes at the first place. TricorBraun Flex has great experience working on coffee and tea packages that can enhance the value of your product itself and its look. We create compelling packaging solutions for coffee and tea that are expressive and elegant of your brand’s point of view.

Green and environmental friendly packages are now another trend driven by consumers. TricorBraun Flex has come up with various eco-friendly packaging options for our customers. We have 100% degradable barrier material designed for loose tea and coffee portion pack. We also have paper / cotton bags laminated with degradable materials.

For tea blenders and distributors, TricorBraun Flex offers contract packaging for loose tea leaves in pyramid shape tea bag with string and tag. We use biodegradable PLA fiber for tea bag. With latest packaging technology, TricorBraun Flex minimizes production waste even with small runs. Contact us and find out what we can do for you and make your tea package looks outstanding.