Customization by Market
Seafood & Meat Products

Packaging requirement for seafood and meat products come from the activity of vacuuming and freezing. We offer freezer grade material structures that can be vacuumed and stored in freezer at temperature as low as -30?. We have experiences in manufacturing laminated vacuum bags for seafood and shelled products such as oysters, lobsters and crabs. Some processed meat products also contain spices that will penetrate, break the lamination layers, and decrease the shelf life of the products. We offer spice grade materials that have been widely used for sausages and beef jerky. We understand that packaging materials for these types of products have to be flexible and strong enough in order to prevent any pin-hole created by the sharp shells after being vacuumed. Please visit our stock item page and see the vacuum bags in different sizes and thicknesses that we have in inventory.

TricorBraun Flex also specializes in both dry laminated and co-extruded multi-layer thermoforming film that is widely used for packing seafood and meat. We offer medium to extremely high barrier thermoforming film according to the applications and products that are being packaged. We supply both flexible and semi-rigid (laminated with APET or PVC) thermoforming film. High barrier packages with oxygen absorber are always required for meat products, such as beef jerky. Foil bags provide proper barrier property, which is good for extending meat products shelf life without becoming moldy. However, from consumers’ point of view, it is always nice to have a see-through window for viewing the products. Our clear EVOH PE inner layer, Saran coated surface layer, and Aluminum Oxide laminated materials are able to have a see-through window and also provide excellent barrier at the same time. This type of package provides oxygen transmission rate as low as foil laminated bags. And don’t forget the artworks. All thermoforming film can be printed in multi colors. TricorBraun Flex design team will provide you the unique printed package which will be prominent to the rest on shelf.