Our Mission Statement

Seek growth for our company, by developing “World Class” innovative packaging solutions and customer service that helps our customers “SELL” more of their products!

Our Vision

Taipak’s vision is to be the leader in the sales and distribution of flexible packaging solutions in North America.

  1. We will continue to innovate through leading edge packaging solutions
  2. We will earn our customers trust and respect by providing outstanding customer service by making packaging simpler for our customers!
  3. Continue to nurture a teaming environment internally at Taipak. We only win as a team.

Our Commitment to Core Values

Taipak has been committed to providing packaging solutions to our customers for over a decade. We attribute our success to our core values, our guiding principles:

Ensuring our colleagues, customers, and vendors are all treated ethically, fairly, and morally.

Ensuring we all treat one another with respect and dignity regardless of customer, vendor, or colleague. We are all “One Team, One Vision”.

Giving back
Getting involved with charities that matter the most to our immediate and extended families at Taipak.