Packaging Glossary
Cast Film

Film extruded through a flat die into a quench system.


Cast Nylon, a barrier film made by Polyamide resins. It has a higher tensile, compressive and flexural strength than extruded or injection moulding Nylon-6. This is because gravitationally cast Nylon does have higher molecular weight and higher crystallinity. Cast Nylon is usually used for thermoforming and vacuuming applications.

CMYK process

(C - Cyan, M - Magenta, Y - Yellow, K - Black) The combination of four process color are commonly used in rotogravure printing to achieve photographic like effect.


Simultaneous extrusion of two or more different thermoplastic resins into a sandwich-like film with clearly distinguishable individual layers.


Coefficient of friction, a measurement of "slipperiness" of plastic films and laminates. It is a measurement between film surfaces to film surface. Measurements can be done to other surfaces as well, but not recommended, because the variations and contamination on surface finishes can distort the COF values.

Cold Seal

A pressure sensitive adhesive coating on plastic films or laminates that allow packages to be sealed by pressure (instead of heat or minimal heat).

Corona Treatment

A surface treatment process that improves the bonding characteristics of most materials such as: paper, films, foils, and polymers by raising surface energy (dyne level).


Cast Polypropylene film. Unlike OPP, CPP is heat stealable, but at much higher temperatures than LDPE. Thus, it is used as a heat-seal layer in retort packaging. CPP, however, is not as stiff as OPP film.


A process partially removes metal from a metalized film, leaving a clear window in an otherwise metalized design.


The weight of a given volume of a material. In metric units, density is given in kilograms per cubic meter, although in packaging, grams per cubic centimeter is more common. Relative density or specific gravity is the ration of the density of the observed object to that of water.


The use of a metal blade, formed to match a desired shape, to make a precision cut on paper or plastic.

Drop Test

The resistance of a filled container of stocks caused by dropping in certain way (i.e. or corners, edge, faces, etc.) onto a solid surface. The test measures how well a container and its inner packaging (if any) will protect the contents against the handling encountered during shipping.