Die Line

Once the dimensions and styles of the packages are finalized, our in-house design team will provide you with an artwork template (so-called DIE-LINE) clearly labeled with all information such as dimensions, sealing areas, sealing widths, tear notch, valve, Zip-Lock…With our professional die-line, package artwork can be properly laid out on each package.

Artwork Assistance

Our in-house professional design team is able to take your ideas from sketch to ready-to-print artwork. After submitting your finished artwork in acceptable file formats (see artwork requirements), our design team will then evaluate the design and provide recommendation on the most efficient way to achieve the best printing results. We can also help you make modifications based on your request. An electronic and/or paper copy is available for your approval.

Artwork & Specification Guideline

Digital Mock-Up

A mock-up is a “finish” sample that offers you the opportunity to see and feel the complete package. It not only gives you the credibility when presenting it to your prospects, but also helps you ensure the shelf space and box size in advance. Our mock-up service provides a great tool for marketing and business developing before launching new products.

Prepress Proofing

Taipak offers various types of proofing materials. Most common ones are digital hard copy proof and press proof.

Digital hard copy proof is done by ink-jet printing to produce high quality one-off copies of the production artwork. It is a simulation of actual print. Digital proof is usually done prior to etching cylinders. It is both cost and time effective ways of providing a visual copy without the expense of creating press proof.

A press proof is a printed copy made before the printing process by using produced cylinders and inks specified. This gives you the exact look of images and colors on the actual plastic material and provides the last chance for making adjustments before the production continues.